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Tests Detect Alzheimer’s Risks, but Should Patients Be Told?

Marjie Popkin thought she had chemo brain, that fuzzy-headed forgetful state that she figured was a result of her treatment for ovarian cancer. She was not thinking clearly — having trouble with numbers, forgetting things she had just heard.

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Depression Medicines

Not only does it take time to get an accurate depression diagnosis, finding the right medication to treat depression can be a complicated, delicate process. Someone may have a serious medical problem, such as heart disease or liver or kidney disease, that makes some antidepressants unsafe. The antidepressant could be ineffective for you, the dose inadequate, there hasn’t been enough time to see an effect, or side-effects are too bothersome — leading to a failure of treatment.

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The Age of Alzheimer’s

Published: October 27, 2010

OUR government is ignoring what is likely to become the single greatest threat to the health of Americans: Alzheimer’s disease, an illness that is 100 percent incurable and 100 percent fatal. It attacks rich and poor, white-collar and blue, and women and men, without regard to party. A degenerative disease, it steadily robs its victims of memory, judgment and dignity, leaves them unable to care for themselves and destroys their brain and their identity — often depleting their caregivers and families both emotionally and financially.

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