Principal Investigator

Our Principal Investigator (or PI) is Dr. Cherian Verghese, MD, CPI (Certified Physician Investigator).

He is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology. He is regarded as an expert in the field of clinical research in CNS diseases in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, with 90 trials under his supervision over the last 25 years.

Having been trained and certified in three countries (MD, MRCPsych. and MD respectively from India, United Kingdom and the USA), he has unique knowledge and experience in treating patients with diseases of the Central Nervous System.

Prior to establishing Keystone Clinical Studies in 2003, he was Associate Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Albert Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia. He is the Site’s Medical Director and personally supervises all clinical work.

He enjoys speaking and teaching, and does ‘Grand Rounds’ at several local Hospitals. This includes community and caregiver education talks with local physician groups, senior centers, patient and caregiver support groups and community organizations like the Rotary.